Joyjeet Bhowmik
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Joyjeet Bhowmik living in Santa Rosa, California, USA speaking about Respect and Care's service with his mother Pratima Bhowmik beside him

Rama Prashad Majumdar, Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police (EB) North 24 Paraganas, President award winner
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Respect and Care is really taking good care of me and helps me in maintaining my active life style while my son lives in Bangalore. I feel they are just like my son.

Chitralekha Majumdar, Housewife
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When I felt that I can't do any work anymore due to my knee pain and loanliness, someone told me about Debjit who is a part of Respect and Care organization. They provide me monthly visits and their social and friendly attitude made me feel comfortable once again. I feel much active now.

As both are Majumdar's we shall incorporate a few more in between.