Who we are

Diabetes Awareness & You is an Organization, is serving the whole of West Bengal for last 10 Years by way of spreading the Cause and Preventive measure amongst people. We take care of people from various strata of life from children to elders and from well-off person to destitute. We not only put our endeavor to control the metabolic disorder regularly but also keep in constant touch to see that they are getting the required tests done regularly along with taking medicines and Insulin dosage as advised by our panelled Doctors.

This passion has leaded us to think about Elderly Care and thus this Organization ‘Respect and Care’ is formed.

what we do in reality?

  • On behalf of RESPECT & CARE ,Our team of trained professionals provide Elderly Care services on a customized calendar that helps the elder person manage their affairs by themselves and maintain their independent lifestyles.
  • We have experience to deal with patients with common geriatric ailments like Dementia, Diabetes, Bone Injuries, Impaired Hearing, IBS, Arthritis, Cerebral Attacks, Prostate, Renal Failure, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease etc.
  • Our mission is to provide the Elderly Care support so that elderly people can live with ease in their old age. We understand their anxiety in case of an emergency since they have their loved ones far away. We strive to ease their anxiety by being an extension of their loved ones locally.
  • We provide reliable third party services (viz Hospitals, Specialist Doctors, 24hr Ambulance etc etc) as and when needed. We get greatest job satisfaction when we see our Elderly beneficiaries bounce back to their life after overcoming a health or companionship related hurdle.